Studio QQ Natalia Lenarczyk




"Mrs. Natalia was recommended to us by a friend who was very pleased with the cooperation. Together with my wife, we decided on a comprehensive project for our apartment. Each of us had a different vision, thanks to Ms. Natalia, we managed to make a compromise. We can recommend the Studio QQ office with full conviction."

Sz. P. Marek i Katarzyna - Kraków


"Initially, I was sceptical about engaging the interior architect in my renovation. I thought I could do great with him. However, I quickly became convinced about the amount of things that I had to anticipate .... Cooperation with Ms. Natalia saved me from a series of wrong decisions. Thank you for your successful cooperation. I recommend the Studio QQ office to everyone."

Sz. P. Robert - Kraków


"Thanks to Ms. Natalia, we have a functional and cozy apartment. I find in it everything that we wanted. We highly recommend it!"

Sz. P. Marcin i Anna - Katowice

"I had a problem with choosing an interior designer, there are so many offers ...... One day I visited Mrs. Natalia's website and I called. After the first conversation, I already knew that I did not have to look any further. Mrs. Natalia's creativity and commitment have made a very good impression on me. I honestly recommend!"

Sz. P. Sylwia - Katowice


"Thanks to Ms. Natalia, we have saved ourselves the time and nerves. Renovation was a big logistical and financial challenge for us. Professional help from the Studio QQ office proved invaluable. We recommend!"

Sz. P Krzysztof i Agata - Kraków


"Thank you for the beautiful design of our home. We wish you further successes. We recommend!"

Sz. P. Damian i Justyna - Kraków