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"Interior design is my passion, and when our passion becomes our work, then we do not feel tired.
Self-fulfilment sets new goals for us to strive for. The most important features of a good interior architect are:
imagination, versatility and empathy. The basis of this profession is the ability to win over people.
A good architect is a good psychologist? Certainly yes. The most important is the communication between the designer and the investor.
She is the guarantor of a good project.’’ 

Natalia Lenarczyk
interior designer
Studio QQ



In the guide I will answer the issues related to interior design, arrangement and ergonomics.


How to deal with a small bathroom?

,,The main problem is the surface in which we have to fit the fittings and interior fittings. The art of good choice is the foundation of success. Shower or bathtub? The shower will take up the least space, however, some investors prefer the bathtub. A compromise solution is a bathtub with a shower function. Optical illusion? Smaller tiles with fine patterns on the floor visually enlarge the bathroom, in addition, mirrors and bright colours. Cabinets to size is another good idea, it allows you to use the full potential of the interior.”


How to decorate a child's room?

,,Children's room is an interesting topic. In comparison with other rooms, this is the most metamorphoses. Room "grows" with the child. Arrangement changes with the child's age. An infant's room can even have a fabulous scenery. Preschooler needs a place to play, and a teenager's angle to learn. A universal solution is a neutral interior, which is the basis for additions and replaceable elements.’’


How to choose lighting for the bedroom?

,,Lighting in interior design is one of the most important points. The proper distribution of electrics and the choice of lamps, shapes the character and climate of the interior. The bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation. The best solution is to use several light sources: main and additional. The main source is a ceiling lamp that illuminates the room. In addition, wall lamps, example by the bed, with a slightly milder intensity, which create the atmosphere." 


How to arrange a functional kitchen - working triangle?

,,The basic principle when designing a kitchen is the "working triangle".

It consists in arranging the individual function in the kitchen so that it is ergonomic and practical. Every woman knows that the kitchen is the heart of the house and an investment for a long time. The correct order is the Refrigerator - Sink - Cooker. First, we take the product out of the refrigerator, then wash, cook and bake. Added to this include: worktop, oven, dishwasher.